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"Israel Package Tours" is the information & booking Portal of Ahalan Olympus Ltd.

Ahalan Olympus is an israeli Incoming Tour Operator, a proud member of ASTA and the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association (IITOA). The company plans and operates all types of tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt, including, among others, Holy Land Pilgrimage tours, Family trips, all types of tailor-made Private Tours, Day-tours & Shore Excursions, Transfers and VIP-services (all types of transportation!) Concierge-services and much more...

We are known for our high standards of service, which include a toll-free phone-Nr., online-responding by SKYPE for most of the day, and, of course, a swift and reliable responding to all your needs by e-mail or phone.

Ahalan Olympus Ltd. has the ability to give comprehensive solutions to almost any demand, and plans the touring route & additional services according to the clients budget, the time at clients disposal and the clients specific needs. Our Motto is to adjust the program to the Clients Needs, rather than adjusting the client to our needs, even if that means a bigger effort from our side.

On this website you will find a variety of itineraries, special offers, essential information regarding your stay in Israel, and, of course, our immediate, personal, and reliable service, of which we are so proud! 

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